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In this new audio format, Typed Out: the Podcast takes the conversation of inclusion and acceptance off the page to bring it to your favorite listening device. Throughout each episode, we will be highlighting various social and cultural issues in order to expand the boundaries of understanding and acceptance. All voices welcome.

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    The Main Character of My Story with Tamara Coleman

    America has such a deep, dark history with race—something we still greatly struggle with—but what is it like for a country that is largely homogenous? Season Two co-host Tamara Coleman stars in our second episode to share her experience as a black woman living in Japan. Tamara opens up about what it was like growing up with interests outside of her own culture, her apprehensions versus lived reality when it came to traveling abroad, and how she finally felt like the main character of her own story.

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    And Still I Rise with PJ Johnnie Jr

    The Typed Out podcast returns for its second season, and in this anniversary episode, I am joined by actor PJ Johnnie Jr, who shares his story of growing up a young, queer black man in the American South. From homelessness to graduate school and beyond, PJ takes us on his personal journey, and reminds us that, even in our darkest moments, there is always light.

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    A Different Way of Thinking with Eliud Sepulveda

    Science is all about using diverse methods to solve for any given problem, but what if the problem is a lack of diversity? Molecular biologist Eliud Sepulveda guests to chat about growing up gay in Puerto Rico, surviving the military during DADT, and offers his insight into the challenges and benefits of shaking up the laboratory when it comes to seeking out a different way of thinking.

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    Woman In Charge with Rachael Foo

    Hosted by Yotpo, the Typed Out podcast goes LIVE! once again, and this time I am sitting down with special guest and investor at Stripes Group, Rachael Foo. In an effort to keep the conversation about Pride ongoing, Rachael shares what it was like growing up queer in Hong Kong, the importance of embracing your identity (as well as letting it go), and offers some insight on how a more diverse tech environment has so much more to gain—especially when women and minority people are at the fore!

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    Stand Up To Hate - Live with RXR Realty

    General crime statistics are down, but hate-fueled attacks are on the rise. More than ever, people are feeling emboldened to act on their intolerance and bigotry. But in a society that is trying so hard to progress, how do you stand up in the face of hate? In this LIVE! episode of the Typed Out podcast, I am joined by Lex Evan of Alt Pronouns, Joanna Hoffman of Athlete Ally, and David Garten of host company RXR to chat about disarming those who are motivated by fear.

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    The Sound Of Pride with On The Quays

    As June continues, there are so many events marking the 50th year of Pride, but none are half as exciting as #HowAboutLove, an On The Quays concert dedicated to celebrating fifty years of divas. In this special release episode, OTQ company members Nicola Murphy, Keiji Ishiguri, and Zia guest to chat about their event, the crossroads of entertainment and activism, and what it means to celebrate Pride here and now.

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    Working In Love with Miz Chartreuse

    There are many relationships in our lives, and not all are with people. So, are you giving each relationship what it deserves? Astrologer and Headmistress of the Venus Academy, Miz Chartreuse, guests on this episode of the Typed Out podcast to discuss a whole slue of things. We chat about Char's Zambian roots, the importance and meaning of 'home', the difference between closure and forgiveness, and we even skim the surface of cancel culture, but all of it comes back to Love—love for each other, love for ourselves, and how it may not always be so easy to give. Be sure to tune in for this memorable conversation!

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    Behind The Lines with Deborah Darling

    There is beauty in age, so why do we fear getting older? Model and ageless style protagonist, Deborah Darling, guests on this episode of the Typed Out podcast to chat about the stigma against the aging woman. Together we unpack the power of silver hair, how she received a new lease on life at the age of fifty, and why we should all embrace the lines on our faces—because they tell our story!

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    In Other Words with Emily Gao

    What do you do when the narrative isn't typically written for you? You take matters—or words—into your own hands. Poet and host of Yellownin, Emily Gao, joins the the Typed Out podcast to talk about her experience as a first generation Chinese American, the process of exploring identity through writing, and how expression through art can be the first step to healing.

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    The Stories We Tell with Nathan Manske

    Storytelling can serve two purposes—to build empathy and let us know we are not alone—and it was exactly for these reasons why Nathan Manske founded his non-profit organization, I'm From Driftwood. Now, ten years later, Nathan guests on the Typed Out podcast to reflect on how far the video series has come, the lives and brains (!) it has changed, and what the next decade has in store.

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    Inherent Magic with Bill Masuku

    What if the things we suffered from manifested as a magical ability? Illustrator and first-time author, Bill Masuku, answers this question in his forthcoming novel, Misfortunism, where misery becomes real power. Bill joins the Typed Out podcast this week to chat about his literary debut, the importance of diversifying niche genre literature from page to cover, and his personal journey of discovering his own creativity.

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    Nevertheless She Insisted with Rebekah Frank & Jessy Caron

    Ever been "mansplained" or talked over because of your gender or other pre-determined factor? In this special podcast-crossover episode, I am joined by Welcome To My Vagina co-hosts Rebekah Frank and Jessy Caron to discuss the various ways in which women and non-male identifying folks become the subject of many men's tirades, just who gets access to your body (ps: no one without your consent!), and how women have been notoriously left out of the most important conversations regarding their own rights.

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    In The Pursuit Of Passion with Rebecca Imaizumi

    Being raised under the influence of two cultures can be a difficult situation to navigate. For Rebecca Imaizumi, she had trouble finding a home in her native country of Japan because of her mother's American heritage—but then she found hip-hop, and the dancer and entrepreneur has not looked back since. In this episode, Rebecca and I chat about her family's integrated history of pursuing what you love, and how following your passions can be the map that leads you home.

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    The Learning Curve with Tiffany Danielle

    Is the education curriculum keeping up with the modern world? Have the history books and reading assignments expanded to include more diverse voices? Educator and high school English teacher Tiffany Danielle joins as this week's guest to discuss whether or not the classroom—from setup to syllabus—is changing quick enough, and what real challenges stand in the way of the today's young minds.

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    Writing Through The Past with Felice Cohen

    Felice Cohen was minding her own business when a stranger—claiming to be a medium—offered her a message from a lost flame. That fateful encounter spurred what is now her forthcoming memoir, Other Duties As Assigned. In this episode, Felice and I discuss the convergence of spirit and happenstance, the therapeutic powers of writing, and how boxing up your past can help you live more fully in the present.

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    Bridging Worlds LIVE! Podcast with RXR Realty

    How can we connect two seemingly-disconnected worlds to generate better resources, accessibility, and understanding? Three NYC-based entrepreneurs share stories of shaping industry and community through diverse innovation. During our first-ever LIVE podcast recording, I chat with Jyll Hubbard-Salk, Lamont Blackstone, and Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo about making space and building bridges in modern day America & Africa. Spencer Jones co-hosts.

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    Putting The AF In African with Néné Diané

    What happens when society overlooks your heritage and only sees your race? First generation Guinean American Néné Diané joins the conversation on Black History Month and details her account growing up between Maryland in the United States and Mauritania in Africa. Together, Néné and I take a look at discovering your own identity, the desire to fit in, and the importance of standing out.

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    Playing It Straight with David Robert Moore

    It's Hollywood's biggest night, and they are calling it the Queerest in Oscars history. But just how gay are the Academy Awards? In this special release episode, actor and writer David Robert Moore guests to talk why so many queer roles are played by straight actors, the importance of visibility, and whether or not people should publicly identify in order to land the part.

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    City Of Fate with Mikki Hommel

    What if you were in love with your best friend, and then he was in love with somebody else? Sometimes love doesn't always work out the way we want it to, but instead the way we need it to. In this special Valentine's Day episode, Mikki Hommel guests to share how she wrote the wedding song for an unrequited love—accompanied by the man who would eventually become her husband.

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    A Race Against Time with Spencer Jones

    Typed Out & HuffPost contributor Spencer Jones returns to continue the conversation about racism in America. Together, Spencer and I cover such topics as "reverse racism," racial preservation, and how your political views and affiliations do not give you armor when it comes to accountability—but most importantly, how time has been stolen from the Black community.

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    The Color Of Luck with Christina Mui

    It's the Year of the Earth Pig, but what does that mean? Here to offer some cultural insight into the Lunar New Year is Queer Cosmos co-founder and first-generation Chinese American, Christina Mui. Christina shares how the Chinese zodiac works, some traditions and dishes associated with Chinese New Year, and how to welcome in prosperity & good luck!

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    My Kind Of Love with Tony Osso

    In this special release episode, I chat with filmmaker Tony Osso about The Devotion Project, a series of short documentary portraits highlighting long-term love in the LGBTQ+ community. Tony shares what inspired him to create the project, how he met the couples whose romances are briefly captured, and the continued need to tell these kinds of stories.

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    In The Face Of Fear with Morit Summers

    "You can't do it. You're not good enough." We all have that voice in our head, but how do we move past it? Celebrity trainer and Form Fitness founder, Morit Summers, joins me to talk about our greatest adversary—fear. In this deeply personal interview, Morit shares how she overcame her biggest mental obstacles in order to find the strength that was always hiding within.

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    The Only American Dream: A Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I am joined by fellow Typed Out contributors Spencer Jones and Jaz Imani to check in 56 years after his famous speech and see just how close we are to realizing Dr. King's dream. Together, we take an honest look at how racism is still prevalent in our society and discuss what steps we (white people, especially) need to take in order to move toward a more inclusive society.

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    Man Under Fire with Winston Chiang

    Is the traditional image of the man under fire? In light of the recent publication by the APA, many would say yes. But just who is affected? In this episode of the Typed Out podcast, I speak with card-carrying straight guy and fellow writer, Winston Chiang, about toxic masculinity, healthy masculinity, and the road in between. Warning: we may be talking about more than just straight guys...

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    Blessèd Be The Fruit with Caroline McCaughey

    Caroline McCaughey once believed she would be dedicating her life as a nun, and despite attending a devout Christian university and undergoing conversion therapy, she could never hide who she really was. It was upon meeting her girlfriend, Martha, that everything shifted. In this episode, Caroline and I talk LGBTQ, Spirituality, and the long road to religious acceptance.

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    New Year, Same You with Sirobè Carstafhnur

    Every January, we kick off the New Year with resolutions, but most of us fail at following through. What if we shifted our mindset and set goals instead? Entrepreneur and skincare advocate Sirobè Carstafhnur shares how! Tune into the episode for Sirobè's advice how to celebrate every step and look fabulous while doing it.

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    Shifting The Paradigm with Reginald A. Howard

    What is the secret to obtaining success? Believe it or not, the answer just might lie in life's toughest moments. In this episode, I chat with host of the Black Mental Health Podcast, Reginald A. Howard, about his new book Suffering Into Success. Together, Reg and I discuss the key to shifting our perception in order to turn failures into fixtures.

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    Drawing In The Blank with Mike Toney

    Continuing the conversation of representation in fictional work, I have the pleasure of chatting with illustrator Mike Toney about his art and mission of bringing more Pan-African characters and themes to anime & manga. My fellow anime-lover and Japanophile, Mandi Illuzzi, co-hosts.

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    A Marvel Of A Man - Remembering Stan Lee

    In this episode, I chat with co-hosts Marchant Davis & Priscilla Curtis along with contributors Jean Strickland, Bill Masuku, and Courtney Antonioli about the lasting legacy of comic book creator, Stan Lee, and how comic books are more than just entertainment but agents of social change.

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    One Minute At A Time with Tamarin Gerriety

    In this episode, I interview Documinute founder Tamarin Gerriety about how a life can be captured and changed in only one minute. Listen along to hear what inspires Tam, how she selects the Documinute subjects, and how what you love can become what you do. Tamarin and Documinute were recently featured by Brandon Stanton on his page, Humans of New York.

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    Shakin' Up Shakespeare with Martha Benson

    In this episode, I sit down with the Artistic Director of the Lady Shakes Theatre Company, Martha Benson, to talk about how gender is changing the game on classical theatre. Main Wench Productions co-founder and my fellow Shakespeare aficionado, Allison Minick, co-hosts.

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    Queerly Cosmic with Colin Bedell

    This week, I chat with Mr. Queer Cosmos himself, Colin Bedell, about the Zodiac, retrogrades, and sign compatibility! But more than what it takes to keep our relationships together, we talk about how the planets can influence the way we interact with the world as told through Colin's new book, A Little Bit of Astrology. Artist and energy worker, Allison Strickland, co-hosts!

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    NaNoHoMo with Kelan Gerriety & Jason Hes

    It's National Novel Writing Month! And in the first of this four-part series, I speak with Kelan Gerriety, founder of the Sera Blue publishing company, along with fellow horror-fantasy author Jason Hes. Together, Kelan, Jason, and I discuss the importance of Queer representation in niche genre literature as well as the first-ever Comic Con Africa. Joining as my co-host for this episode is my friend and fellow lover of all things nerd, Courtney Antonioli. Be sure to head over to the Typed Out website for audio previews of Into The Dark by Kelan Gerriety and Our Immaculate by Jason Hes.

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    Vote If You Dare! with Jess Riegel & Emily Graham of motivote

    In this special, pre-release episode, I speak with Motivote co-founders Jess Riegel and Emily Graham on the importance of the upcoming midterm elections, how we can hold each other accountable to vote, and where to register for the platform. Joining me as my co-host for the episode is actor, Marchánt Davis.

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    Coming out in Fall 2018, Typed Out is launching its very own podcast to have thoughtful, open-minded discussions with various guests about representation and how the things that make us different are what makes us strong. Don't miss our premiere episode! Subscribe now!

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